Identity crisis? Four-year-old demands name change

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A four-year-old Vigo County boy is having an identity crisis as he demands his parents call him different variations of his name.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex have refereed to their son, Alexander as simply Alex since he was born.

Now, at four and a half, he is demanding to be called Alexander.

On Sunday, he allegedly randomly said to his mom, “I am not Alex Essex…I am Alexander.”

Ami compared the name change to Madonna.

A theory parents are working with is the child has two personalities. When he is being good and upbeat, he is Alexander. When he is in a cranky mood, he is Alex.

Alex has had an identity crisis for as long as he could talk, parents say. He spent most of the year during age one calling himself “Ozzy.” When he was two, it was “Ozzyzendant”

“I’m okay with whatever, Alex, Alexander, Xander, A.J…whatever, but it’s getting hard to keep up,” Chris said.

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