For the love of drains: Four-year-old hit another summer in love with drain holes

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – For the third straight year, four-year-old Alex Essex has been obsessed with drains while he goes outside for walks.

Parents Chris and Ami made the discovery a couple of weeks ago.

They say ever since Alex could walk, he had been obsessed with drains. That obsession has escalated into naming the drains.

“If he gets to name them…it’s usually Bobby, Dooey, or Booey, It’s cute…until we are in the car and we have to name every one we drive by,” Chris said laughing.

Parents say his curiously has ramped up a notch this year. He’s trying to find the other end of longer drains…and asking where they drain to.

“I love the curiously. I will never discourage that. If we can safely and legally do it…we will try and find the other end of the drain hole,” Chris told us.

Ami says she’s not entirely sure where the obsession with drain holes started.

“He’s always loved them…and I have no idea why. When we go for walks we have to make stops at each of them so he can look inside. I don’t know where that started,” Ami said.

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