DOP Investigation underway after 4 year old shot in the face with a hose

PARIS, Ill. (KNN) – The Department of Parenting is launching an investigation after photos emerged that show a local four-year-old was shot in the face with a hose.

It allegedly happened on Sunday during a cook-out in Paris, Illinois.

DOP officials say they’ve uncovered photos of four-year-old Alex Essex as he was shot in the face with a garden hose.

“Right now, our main suspect is the father, Chris Essex. Witnesses say they saw him using the hose a little earlier in the day,” A DOP spokesperson said.

Alex, who was not injured in the incident reportedly enjoyed being sprayed with the hose.

“He kept going back for more. He was laughing…all I cared about is I wasn’t sprayed,” witness Kelsi Dye told us.

Chris said he wouldn’t confirm, or deny the allegations.

“Look, I’m saying I didn’t do it…but I’m not saying I did either. Alex has been known to enjoy things like this in the past. So IF it did happen…he probably would have liked it,” Chris said.

DOP officials are working to track who actually took the photos.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.

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