Kid at work: Four-year-old fixes cones at local community college

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A Terre Haute four-year-old went to work setting back up all of the knocked over cones at a southern Vigo County community college.

It happened at Ivy Tech Community College while the family was going for a walk.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex said their son Alex stood back up all of the knocked over cones and then put them back into what appeared to be the correct spaces.

The cones are in place for a semi truck training program the college conducts. With the pandemic, training has been at a stand-still.

“They have little cone sized squares spray painted in the parking lot. He put them back in the squares…if he couldn’t find a square he placed the cone with a giant stack of unused cones,” Chris said.

This isn’t the first time Alex has done cone maintenance for the college.

“He’s always enjoyed standing the cones back up when we walk by…but now he’s putting them back where they appear to belong,” Ami said.

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