‘What’s that stinky smell?’ Four-year-old calls out next stall over pooper while peeing at store

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A four-year-old Vigo County boy allegedly called out a woman in the next stall over while he was with his mother in a public bathroom.

It happened on Saturday while the family was shopping in Terre Haute.

Ami Essex says her son Alex told her he had to use the bathroom – so she took him to the women’s multiple stall bathroom in the store.

“There was a woman in there going…number two…and yes…it kind of smelled. No judgement from me – but kids say what they are thinking,” Ami said.

While Alex was using the potty, he reportedly said “what’s that stinky smell” to Ami.

“I was so embarrassed. He was like the nipple in the library situation all over again,” Ami told us.

Ami said she was able to leave the bathroom without having to have any interaction with the woman.

Alex has been very in tune with smells, calling out both stinky and good smells.

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