Department of Parenting performs daring rescue after four year trapped inches off the ground

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – The Department of Parenting says it performing a daring rescue after a four year old became stuck inches off the ground on a rock.

It happened during a walk through four year old Alex’s neighborhood this week.

DOP spokesmom Ami Essex said Alex must have climbed the rock not realizing he would get himself in hot water.

“He’s a great climber…but sometimes getting down can be a challenge for him,” Ami said.

Witnesses told KNN Alex’s feet were about an inch or two off the ground, causing panic.

“He was upset. I think the quick action by the DOP saved a possible meltdown,” an unidentified witness told us.

The DOP says Alex was not injured in the incident.

“Our team acted quickly and decisively. We saved a situation involving an inches high high fall into grass,” Ami said.

The DOP says you should always make sure you are prepared before you go rock climbing.

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