Four-year-old that once ruined all things good about tacos does a 180

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say a four-year-old boy that has ruined tacos since before birth is finally falling into line with society.

Ami Essex made the discovery on Friday when on a hunch, she picked her son Alex up a couple of tacos from Taco Bell.

“I was picking up medicine and decided to just hit a drive through for dinner. I was planning on getting him a happy meal…but he said he wanted tacos…I was skeptical ,” Ami said.

The reason for questioning it? Ami says when she was pregnant with Alex – tacos made her vomit.

“Tacos are my favorite food,” Ami said. “My husband and I had a thing where neither of us could say the T word…because if we did we had to have tacos for dinner.”

Beyond that, parents says Alex would wake up during taco night when he was a baby and refuse to go back to sleep.

On Friday, Alex was singing a different tune.

“I love tacos!’ Alex told us. “I want to buy two more for 100 bucks.”

Moving forward, the family says they are excited to include Alex in taco nights.

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