My six days in COVID-19 isolation at the hospital

Man…I haven’t been doing much writing about fun kid news lately. I recently told you about the miscarriage my wife and I had. Now, we are are going to talk about the week I was in the hospital in isolation with a COVID-19 scare.

Let me be clear…my test came back negative. It was something else. But boy oh boy do I have a story for you.

It started about two weeks ago. I woke up on a Saturday morning with a nearly 103 degree temperature. I couldn’t take care of my kid and wife had to call in sick from work. I slept and slept and slept. I was rocking the fever, high heart rate, tired, not super hungry.

Sweet corner room

I had some symptoms…but none of the big ones for the coronavirus you hear about…like shortness of breath and coughing. I called my doctor, he gave me some antibiotics and told me to go to the ER or urgent care if it got worse.

When I woke up Wednesday I was having a hard time breathing. That is when we shifted into high gear and my wife took me to an urgent care. They tested me for flu and something else. I can’t remember…but both came back negative. The doctor there gave me the order for the COVID-19 test. I had to go the hospital to get that done.

Pleased to inform you? Sure.

The curbside drop off at the ER was the last time I was able to see my wife and son for just about a week.

I was quickly wheel-chaired to the tent set up outside of the hospital for potential coronavirus cases. At this point, I could barely walk. It was so taxing just to move.

I took the golden test and was placed in isolation in the ER. They told me it would take three or four days to get results in. I was admitted to the hospital…and that began six of the hardest days of my life.

The coronavirus tent

The first two or three days….they were rough. I was under fall risk, I was always sleeping, I was barely able to communicate with my wife…because I was so out of it.

By Saturday, I was starting to feel better. That was also the same day my COVID-19 test came back negative. So what the heck was the problem with me?

I have some sort of blood infection. How? The best guess was from a surgery I had a couple of months ago. Some bacteria may have been in the surgical site. Another major concern was my kidney function. I was having some major issues – nearing dialysis. I was drinking, drinking, drinking…and not having to pee at all. Thankfully, those numbers leveled out with the help of something a doctor gave me. I’m not quite sure what.

So, the question I’ve been receiving from friends…and other medical professionals I’ve talked with…what’s it like in coronavirus isolation?

It’s lonely. Very very lonely. There’s obviously no visitors allowed. While my results were pending…the nurses were decked out in respirators and gowns…there were about protection. I can’t blame them. I couldn’t imagine having to work in that environment every day. Everyone I experienced in that unit was incredible. Very helpful.

I spent a week only seeing eyes…because of the masks.

What got me (and my doctor) was once my test came back negative…hospital policy was to not move me. He wanted me off the COVID area…but I was stuck for the remainder of my stay.

On Tuesday, they gave me a picc line in my arm so I can take IV antibiotics at home. I was discharged later that day.

Seeing my family was surreal. It makes me wonder how people in the military to it for such a longer time. The six days I didn’t see Alex was by far the longest I went without seeing him. Before it was two days he spent at his grandmother’s.

A funny thing happens when you don’t use your body for a week. It’s hard to jump start it. My muscles in my legs were so tight they were almost unusable. My wife spent about 20 minutes rubbing them loose. Even then…they are still slow to get going. Stairs are a lot.

I still have a little bit of a road to travel before I’m back to fighting strength…but I feel myself getting a little stronger each day.

One thought on “My six days in COVID-19 isolation at the hospital

  1. I’m happy to hear you are on the mend man I was worried for you and your family take it easy stay strong


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