Four-year-old is on day three of demanding to wear his Thomas the Train Halloween costume

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A Vigo County four-year-old is on day three of demanding to wear his Halloween costume.

It started on Thursday when Alexander Essex came across his Thomas the Train costume while is mom, Ami, was cleaning out the family’s linen closet.

Ami told us when Alex saw the costume – he demanded to wear it. It is blue with a light-up Thomas face.

“Of course I let him wear it, what harm would it do. Later that day though, we had our date night. That involves Steak and Shake and the Bouncin Barn. He wanted to wear it there too,” Ami said.

A local four-year-old is on day three of wearing his Thomas Halloween costume - with no end in sight.

She told us Alex received a lot of compliments on the costume.

“He would have slept in it if I would have let him,” Ami laughed.

That night, she took it off and left it on the dining room table. Alex saw the costume when he woke up on Friday – and once again, demanded to wear it.

“I was still half asleep. We haven’t made breakfast. His pants were still wet from peeing himself while he slept. He wanted that costume on,” Chris told us.

He kept the costume on all day Friday – wearing it to Walmart and later in the day to his grandmother’s house in Paris, Illinois.

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