Four-year-old busted trying to sleep naked in linen closet – but he had two big complaints

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A Terre Haute mom says she busted her four year old son trying to sleep naked in a linen closet.

It happened on Wednesday afternoon when Ami Essex was working to declutter and clean out the closet. She says she walked in on her son Alex, with no clothes on, trying to get comfortable.

“So, I was taking a break for cleaning, he was playing in his room. The closet was open and there was a pile of blankets. He was trying to get comfortable with the blankets, in the closet…oh…and he was naked,” Ami said.

She said Alex was fully dressed before the incident.

“So, he told me he needed to go to sleep. Usually, getting him to nap is not an easy task…so I thought maybe he was just super tired. No – he was being silly,” Ami said.

Alex told us he had a complaint when it came to his accommodations.

“The bed is cold. The bed is too small,” Alex told us.

Ami told us Alex also found a small shark ball in the closet that terrified him – and told her he needed to throw it away.

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