Four-year-old has melt down when “mean” parents won’t let him play near dumpster

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A pair of Vigo County parents were called mean by their four-year-old son when they refused to let him play near a locked dumpster area.

It happened over the weekend in southern Vigo County. Four-year-old Alex Essex spent about an hour outside playing with a new bulldozer toy in the dirt. A short time later, Alex wandered off (where his parents could still see him) and tried to play near a fenced in dumpster area.

His mom and dad, Ami and Chris, both stopped him before he could get too close…but Alex wasn’t happy.

“There could have been glass…and trash. Just no,” Chris said.

We asked Alex what he though after the meltdown.

“Mommy and dad are mean. I turned the dirt to mud,” Alex said.

Parents say part of the meltdown could have been the result of the child being so tired, after waking up at 5:30 that morning – and skipping out on a nap.

“It was also nearing dinner time…and Alex gets hangry. Very hangry,” Ami told us.

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