Family recovering after all three develop new virus

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A Vigo County family says it has started to recover from a mystery illness that at one point, left all three sick at once.

Sickness started on Saturday with three-year-old Alex Essex. Over the course of the next few days, his parents Chris and Ami also picked up the illness.

The Department of Parenting suspects the illness started during a trip to ‘The Bouncin’ Barn’ for a mom-and son date night.

“Alex tried to kiss another little girl. I don’t think he actually did…but he was about it,” Ami said. “Who knows where he actually picked it up though.”

On Saturday night, Alex started to become ill, ultimately puking during the overnight hours.

“He had a cough…and I received a puke covered hug,” Chris told us. “I couldn’t say no. It was like, 4:00 a.m., I was on zero sleep…and during all of it, Alex pukes. Right when he gets done, it’s on his shirt he says ‘I want to hug daddy. It will make me feel better.’ It melted me. I was putty…but also I think that’s when I picked it up.”

A short time later, Ami tagged in for Chris so he could sleep.

“I also helped him while he was puking. Got him in the bath. He wanted a kiss and a hug, and I can’t say no,” Ami said.

On Sunday, Ami started to catch the illness, at a worse rate than Chris.

“I was sick, but not Ami and Alex sick, at least on Sunday. So by default, I was the primary parent – so Ami could rest,” Chris said.

On Monday that all changed, as Chris quickly jumped to the top of the sick group. With all three of them down and out, they watched most of all four Toy Story movies on Disney Plus.

The DOP says the family appears to be in the recovery phase of the mystery illness, aside from some coughing.

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