Controversial Department of Parenting report claims mom responsible for more spills on carpet than 3-year-old

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A controversial Department of Parenting report alleges a Terre Haute mother has created more carpet stains than her three-year-old son.

KNN obtained the report on Saturday morning.

The report, written by co-parent of the DOP, Chris Essex, said his wife, also a co-parent in the DOP has spilled more drinks and created more stains on the family’s living room and dining room floor than their son Alex.

The report claims it was created over a one week period in February. Out of four drink spills on carpets, Chris claims Ami was directly responsible for three. The fourth involved their son Alex knocking over a cup of Ami’s coffee.

The report goes on to suggest use of the family’s carpet shampooer – and for Ami to begin using lids on her cups.

Chris would not comment further on the report, but Ami issued a written statement to KNN, disputing the claims in the report.

“These allegations are patently false. I demand a retraction and a recall of the report. For him to go to the media before address these allegations with me directly is wrong and out of line. We will have a DOP meeting as soon as possible.”

She would not comment on individual spills.

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