KNN Science: Two nights are better than one – but three would be too much

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A new report released by the Department of Parenting claims two days away from your child is the perfect amount for a small break.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex recently had two nights away from their three-year-old son Alex. He spent the weekend with his grandmother.

Normally, Alex stays one night every two weeks with his grandmother, Kristi. But because of a recent surgery Chris had, he spent the entire weekend last time.

“Two nights every once in a while is perfect. One night, you are trying to cram in everything you want to do in…which is usually just video games and steak, but two nights…it is much more laid back,” Chris told us.

He went on to say with two nights, he started to miss his son the perfect amount.

“I miss him when he’s gone for the night, but It’s okay…but two nights, I really miss him…and I’m rushing to pick him up,” Chris said.

He compared it to a three-day weekend at work.

“Two day, normal weekends, are nice…but don’t feel long enough, one day to do what you want, and the other with needing to get things done. With the week off for vacation – you are just dragging your feet when you go back to work that first day,” Chris said. “That three-day weekend is perfect. You are rested….but not TOO rested. You are ready to go back to work.”

Chris and Ami say they aren’t sure when Alex will spend two nights away again, but told us they can’t wait for the extended break.

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