DOP says they belive toy at the center of ‘Mater Alert’ has in fact been flushed

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say they are closing the case on a Mater Alert.

A Mater Alert is the name the Department of Parenting gave when they are actively searching for missing toys. It was named after a new Mater toy Alex misplaced within hours of getting it.

The missing toy was a Hot Wheels sized ‘Taco’ pick-up truck from the moving Cars 3.


Parents suspect three-year-old Alex Essex may have flushed it down the toilet.

“Right after the toy was lost, Alex told us he flushed it. We were not able to substantiate that claim at the time. We now have reason to believe the toy has in fact been flushed,” DOP spokesperson Chris Essex told us.

They say they are fighting with a toilet flushing epidemic, and are still working on ways to combat the problem.

“We are always looking for tips for missing toys…if you have any information, email it to,” Essex said.

If we received any more information on the missing toy – or other missing toys, we will let you know.

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