Three-year-old tells Dollar Tree employee what he thinks of their off-brand Play-Doh

CHARLESTON, Ill. (KNN) – A Vigo County three-year-old told an Illinois Dollar Tree employee what he thought of their off brand Play-Doh.

It happened on Saturday when Alex Essex was with his grandmother Kristi.

“He’s still so little, going to Dollar Tree is great. He sees something he wants…I most of the time get it for him. This time, it was ‘Dough’ brand Play-Doh,” Alex grandmother, Kristi said.

She told us she offered to get him the name brand stuff, but he chose to go generic instead, likely because it included four different colors in one package.

Alex continued exploring the store until the two went to pay. That’s when Alex reportedly told the clerk they had bootleg Play-Doh.

“It was so funny. I was kind of embarrassed at first…but it was so funny,” Kristi said.

Alex’s dad, Chris, says he was so proud of his son for using bootleg in the right context.

“It’s part of his day to day language at this point. Other things that are bootleg? His mom, my brother’s girlfriend, Kelsi, some toys, lunch…everything and anything can be bootleg,” Chris laughed.

Chris says while some people might scoff at using the term bootleg, he doesn’t have a problem with it.

“He could be saying much worse. He’s only said one cuss word…ever…and it was only piss…so it was only half a cuss word. Bootleg is pretty innocent. I’m happy he used it in the right context this time,” Chris said laughing.

Alex is a bit of a Play-Doh pro. He has an overflowing amount of the moldable clay inside of his Terre Haute home.

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