Timeout Toy Time? 3-year-old mysteriously punishes several toys

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say their three-year-old son placed several of his toys in timeout before going to his grandmother’s house.

It happened on Friday afternoon on the city’s south side. Parents Ami and Chris Essex say their son Alex set out to punish a toy Lightning McQueen car.

“It crashed in the nother’ Lightning,” Alex said. “He was bad. You can’t want to hit or you’ll go to timeout.”

From there, however, Chris said he was confused as to why a bunch of other toys were parked in the timeout chair.

“So, he was gone before we noticed the other toys” Chris says. “ We had two more Lightning’s, a Mater, Smokey, Sir Toppam Hat, and that Italian car from Cars 2. I’ve only seen that one like once, I don’t remember his name.”

They said they plan to ask Alex why warranted the timeout on the other toys when Alex gets home.

“Maybe he thinks it’s a way to avoid timeout? Who knows,” Ami speculated.

We will continue to follow this story and will share more as soon as it becomes available.

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