Memory lane horror: Three-year-old triggered after seeing former toys in old photos

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – What started as a walk down memory lane ended with a local three-year-old becoming upset.

It happened on Wednesday afternoon.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex were looking at photos of their son Alex for the last couple of years.

“So, we were using my laptop and AirPlay to mirror photos and videos onto the Apple TV in the living room. He started seeing toys we’ve…quietly gotten rid of over the years,” Chris told us.

He said some of the toys were broken or Alex just out grew them, but when the three-year-old saw them…he started to become upset.

“So we had a broken Little People track thins, a broken mini pool we used as a ball pit, and an activity cube deal for much smaller babies we’ve gotten rid of, the last of which we donated,” Chris told us.

While going through the photos, Alex started to remember and got upset, wondering where they were. That’s when he started crying, wanting his old toys.

“We explained what happened to them…but he wasn’t having any of it,” Ami told us.

After a while, Alex began to settle down and move on to Play-Doh, but his parents say moving forward…they will better prepare themselves for a the look back at photos.

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