After a bumpy first night, three-year-old starts to settle into new bed

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – After a bumpy first night, a pair of local parents say their three-year-old son is starting to settle into his new bed.

KNN first told you earlier this week that Alex Essex busted his car bed when he was supposed to be taking his nap. His replacement bed came in the form of a Lightning McQueen bed.

After sleeping a few nights in the new bed, his mom and dad, Chris and Ami, say they think they are on the right track.

But the first night wasn’t that easy.

“I finally started rolling on the video…but he kept wanting to get out of his new bed. In total, the first night, it took him over an hour and a half to go to sleep,” Chris said.

He used a night vision baby monitor the family has had disconnected for a while.

“I had to mom him a few times. He knew he wasn’t supposed to get out of bed, but I think the excitement of the new bed got to him,” Ami told us.

They say complicating the situation, they decided to make the move to change Alex’s bedroom to what was exclusively Alex’s playroom.

“He’s dealing with the temptation of his train table, an overfilled toy box…just a ton of toys,” Chris said. “It’s a challenge for him.”

They say he’s doing okay for bedtime now, but naptime continues to be a struggle.

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