Three-year-old busted cleaning train table with a robot vacuum

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A Terre Haute dad says he busted his three-year-old son, Alex, using a robot vacuum to ‘clean’ his train table.

It happened over the weekend on the city’s southside.

Chris Essex says he walked into his son’s playroom when he couldn’t find the Shark Ion vacuum. That’s when he saw it bouncing around on the table.

“It’s almost like it was trying to escape…but it kept chugging along. Bouncing from side to side,” Chris told us.


Alex has a history with the little robot.

“Let’s see…when we first got it, Alex ran it a ton of times in the first week. He went up and just pushed the button. Then there was the trapping it under his Hot Wheels table while he was naked. Then there was the ‘Tuesday Morning Kitchen Incident,’ but that’s classified,” Chris said trailing off.

Chris went on to say Alex has a strange infatuation for the vacuum, but he’s never rough with it.

“It’s like, Alex’s pet robot I think. He wants to be friends with it. Do I think he was actually cleaning his table? Nah…I think he was playing, and it was a fun addition to his playtime,” Chris told us.

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