Three-year-old serves up gourmet Play-Doh in new southside restaurant

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) –  A new Vigo County restaurant is creating a buzz in the toy world.

It’s called ‘The Broken Suitor.’

Three-year-old Alex Essex is serving up Play-Doh to hungry toys looking to take a night IMG_0660-previewoff from cooking.

On the menu? Play-Doh inspired dishes from a handcrafted menu.

“Bunny and Sully like to have drinks and eat broccoli,” Alex told us.

With the help of his mom, Ami, Alex is serving up smiles.

IMG_0655-preview“I had him name the restaurant…and serve the food. I helped him create the food, but really he did all of the heavy lifting,” Ami said.

The restaurant, located on Vigo County’s southside has very odd hours, and the menu is not very consistent.

“It kind of closes whenever he’s done playing…or when he starts throwing Play-Doh at the wall,” Ami told us.



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