The mystery of the penguin on top of the tv station was finally solved – and the 3-year-old wasn’t too far off

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say they’ve finally solved the mystery of the tv station ‘penguin.’

This is after three-year-old Alex Essex has been telling his mom and dad, Ami and Chris, there’s a penguin on top of his father’s tv station place of employment for around a year.

On Saturday, they took Alex to the Terre Haute Children’s Museum to check out a new construction-based exhibit. Typically, during trips to the museum, the family parks at Chris’ work.

“So for around a year, when we pull into the parking lot he gets so excited about the penguin on top of my work. I think Ami and I both thought it was just one of the satellites, or something random. Probably an overactive imagination we thought. We looked for it with him playfully in the past. On Saturday, we decided to give it a closer look,” Chris told us.

When the parents looked up and followed Alex’s line of sight, they saw a bird…just not the penguin Alex thought it was.


“I forgot years ago…one of our engineers put a realistic-looking fake owl on top of the building…I think it was to keep crows away, possibly? I could be making that up. I know they put it up there though,” Chris, a news employee, without direct engineering knowledge said.

Once Chris and Ami realized Alex was, in fact, seeing a bird they did a couple of things.

“First, I think we both apologized. We weren’t mean at all about it…we didn’t even make him think we thought he was making it up. Between the two of us though, we kind of laughed about it. That was the first thing. Second, we both kind of realized the kid probably doesn’t need glasses,” Ami laughed.


Parents add the trip to the museum was also a success.




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