Parents go full ‘fraidy-cat’ as they hear late-night pawing at the door

TERRE HAUTE., Ind. (KNN) – A pair of Vigo County parents say part of their Friday night was like scene from a horror movie.

Chris and Ami Essex said they both turned into ‘fraidy-cats’ when they heard something trying to get in a connected bathroom door.

Jack attack“So, we have like, two half-bathrooms and in the middle, it is connected by one shower/bathtub. There are closeable doors separating all three rooms. One bathroom goes to a hallway and the other goes to our bedroom,” Ami said.

While Chris and Ami were relaxing in bed, listing to Howard Stern and playing video games, they heard one of the bathroom doors start to shake.

“I was both confused and scared. (three-year-old) Alex knows how to open doors. So I didn’t know what it was. If he woke up to get out of bed..he would have just walked in our room. So, I was like…ghost? Maybe not…maybe he was just really tired and confused,” Chris said.

Parents were also afraid Alex was just, actually awake. They said he’s been fighting sleep for a while now.

Ami went to see what was going on, and when she opened the door…she didn’t see Alex.

“It was our cat. It was Jack. He wanted in our bedroom. He was so loud, almost like he was hitting the door. I didn’t expect a housecat,” Ami told us.

Chris said as soon as he heard the door and thought it might be Alex, he turned the tv off, because he was playing a city building game that Alex loves to watch him play.




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