‘Trapped, don’t send help…’ 3-year-old forgets about ‘trapped’ dad inside of his bedroom for about 10 minutes

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A Terre Haute dad says he was trapped inside of his three-year-old’s bedroom…and it was the most peaceful 10 minutes of his day.

It happened on Monday evening just after 6:00.

Chris Essex is Alex’s father. He says Alex has an ongoing game where he tries to trap family members, pets, or the robot vacuum in either his bedroom or playroom.

“It’s really cute, he will tell you to come in there and then shut the door. After that, you’re trapped. He usually just wants to play with you,” Chris said.

On Monday, Chris said the same thing happened, resulting in him being “trapped” in his son’s bedroom.

“So we were already in there playing. He has me trapped…but then he had to go to the bathroom. He left the door shut…you know, trapping me inside, while he went…so I just relaxed and played with my phone for a second,” Chris told us.

A minute or two later, Chris said he realized Alex must have forgotten about him.

“It was awesome…like…there I was, laying on Alex’s bedroom floor. Alex had forgotten all about me. All I could hope for was my wife didn’t get petty…because man. It was nice. His Hue lights were kind of dim. I could have crashed right there,” Chris said.

In a text to his wife Chris said he was trapped…but don’t send help.

About 10 minutes later, Chris told us the party…or lack thereof…was over.

“He came in dragging a Little People forest and a big comforter wanting to go on an adventure under it,” Chris told us. “I’ll tell you this. It is 10 minutes I’ll never forget.”

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