Three-year-old accused of arguing almost any point

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say their three-year-old son has started to argue literally anything they say to him.

Chris and Ami Essex told KNN their son, Alex, will disagree with everything, including compliments.

“So, before I go into this I need to say…Alex mixes up his you’s and I’s. So for example, instead of saying ‘I want to go outside’ he will say ‘you want to go outside,” Chris said. “So I gave him a compliment the other day. I told him he was doing such a good job with manners. His response? No you’re not. You’re not doing a good job.”

Both parents say while it might be cute right now, they know that won’t be the case soon.

“We don’t laugh about it in front of him…but it’s so damn funny…and cute, that my three-year-old argues over such dumb stuff,” Chris said.

Ami listed off some of the things she’s argued about with him.

“Spider-Man’s real identity, where his heart is, whether or not he likes chicken nuggets, that our dog was in fact a dog and not a white Dino…I could go on,” Ami laughed.

His parents say Alex questions just about everything.

“I’m good with questioning things, and challenging things. Honestly, I hope he doesn’t lose that spirit. But Spider-Man is Peter Parker…unless it’s Miles…crap,” Chris said.

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