UPDATE: Mom able to receive refund from Apple after early-bird kid buys movie

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A Vigo County mom was able to convince Apple to refund around $20 after her son bought a movie on iTunes.

It’s a story KNN started following last week. 

Parents say three-year-old Alex Essex woke up before they did last week and got ahold of the Apple TV remote. While he had it he allegedly bought Maleficent 2.

During a phone call to Apple, Ami Essex said she was able to receive a refund for the movie.

“I kind of love Apple for that reason, I feel like a lot of companies would have left you high and dry. It probably helps that we hand over a lot of money to Apple,” Ami said.

After an investigation – they don’t expect there will be any time-out time for Alex. According to text documents, the child was likely pushing buttons to find something he wanted to watch and accidentally bought the movie.

Parents have added purchase blocks to the Apple TV moving forward.

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