Kid receives ‘kick in the couch’ after his mom temporarily removed its feet following continued issues

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A local three-year-old had his plans crushed after his mom removed the feet from the couch.

Alex Essex’s mom, Ami, removed the feet earlier this week. This was after parents say he kept letting new battery-powered Thomas trains go under the couch.

“He would turn the trains on and let them run. They would run under the couch and we would either have to move the couch to get them and turn them off, or the batteries would run dead and we not even know they are there,” Ami said.

Earlier this week, she said she decided to temporarily remove the feet, so the under the couch option wasn’t available.

On Saturday, during one of Alex’s attempts to jam a book and a car under the couch, he was blocked.

“Put the book under the couch. I want to put the book under the couch,” Alex said.

Alex’s dad, Chris, was in the living room when it happened.

“I was kind of happy to see he was blocked. It’s been one of his go-to acting out moves. If we say clean something up..and pushes it under the couch,” Chris said.

Ami told us she has plans to put the legs back in place at some point in the near future.


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