Three-year-old sleeps through loud smokey cooking incident

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Parents say they were shocked when their three-year-old son slept through a loud smoke smoke detector incident.

It happened over the weekend while Chris Essex was cooking dinner.

Soon after three-year-old Alex went to bed, he started cooking chicken.

“So I opened the oven, and I guess it was Smokey. It didn’t look like it. But it was enough that it set off the smoke detector” Chris told us.

His wife Ami agreed.

“He’s cooked Smokey before. But this wasn’t it. I didn’t even notice anything until the loud beeping,” Ami said.

That is when Chris reportedly bolted down the hallway to rip it off the ceiling.

“I almost forgot where it was. In the moment. I bolted down the hall and pulled it out of the ceiling and ran into our bedroom. I ended up going even deeper into the bathroom off of our bedroom,” Chris said.

Both parents say their son did not wake up.

“I’ve never seen Chris move so fast in my life. He was quick quick quick. But I can’t believe Alex didn’t wake up. It’s near his bedroom,” Ami said.

The smoke detector has been replaced and Chris says he plans to try and more careful moving forward.

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