Dollar Tree helium balloons – the review you didn’t know you needed

Dollar Tree. Or as my son calls it…Dollar Treat. For parents on a budget it’s a place you can take your young child and feel like Oprah.

“You get a toy. You get get another toy. You get a toothbrush. You get a pack of Thomas tissues.” It’s pretty perfect for some things if you are on a budget.

So a couple of years ago, I think it was for Alex’s second birthday we bought him a couple more expensive special helium balloons…and then we decided to pad them out with cheap Dollar Tree helium balloons. We expected them to honestly be kind of junk – but to simply do the job.

Alex’s birthday is February 29…but since that only happens once every four years, we celebrate on February 28…and have a little party the closest weekend.

So the expensive, like $12 per balloon balloons lasted like two weeks. I was totally good with that. Longer than I expected honestly.

The Dollar Tree balloons? No frigging joke…they lasted from early March until June. I know this website is called Fake Toddler News. But this is a true story. They. Would. Not. Die.

It became a game. Balloon Watch. The most dramatic thing to happen with a flying balloon since balloon boy tattled on his dad for that PR stunt like 10 years ago.

So on October 13, we bought Alex two Halloween balloons. He loves the helium balloons. It is November 19, and they are still kicking. In fact. One of them made a floating cameo while we were trying to set up our Christmas tree last weekend. Trick or treat.

The other one is still floating in the corner of our living room with high ceilings. In fairness I think the pumpkin is on the way out because the cat has been playing with it.

Here’s the other thing I think most people don’t realize. Dollar Tree has a pretty good selection of helium balloons. You might not have even noticed them. They usually stash them in the corner like they are trying to keep them a secret. Like, hopefully nobody sees these. You know that corner with like…weird kitchen stuff…and the closet sized office? They are right there.

All this is to say, if you need something very specific you might want to go somewhere else. It’s kind of like Big Lots. You’ll probably find something you want…unless you’ve already set a theme.

But holy crap…if you want to spend just $20 and fill the room with helium balloons that would probably cost like $60 or $70 in total somewhere else…go here. You won’t be disappointed. Oh yeah, and they won’t die. Ever. To get rid of these balloons you’ll need to put all of your Investigation Discovery murder skills to the test. Sneaking around your house after your kid goes to bed with a steak knife or scissors. Stabbing them silently. Putting your mouth up to the little hole to make your voice funny…only for yourself or your spouse to hear.

One thought on “Dollar Tree helium balloons – the review you didn’t know you needed

  1. How fun the balloons lasted his long – however – dollar tree has been in the news lately for bad otc drugs and ointments – and my husband stopped shopping here like 15 years ago on principle – he hates the store – the way it always had long lines and both of us feel the quality of stuff is landfill filler – serious – heir party supplies have rescued us on budgets (and they have awesome colored plates and cutlery) but most is china crap and buyer beware – of the food and meds esp ((and heir antibiotic ointment does not work)


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