Dad said he wasn’t prepared to handle the onslaught of Pixar sadness with Disney Plus

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – Just days after the launch of Disney Plus a local dad is warning other parents about one of the downfalls of the much hyped streaming service.

Father of a three-year-old, Chris Essex says he can sum it up in one word.


Most people have never had access to most of the Pixar library at one time. With the onslaught of Pixar movies on Disney Plus, Chris says he wasn’t emotionally prepared for the pain have facing them all at once.

“I mean, a a lot of parents might own a couple of the Pixar movies. Toy Story and Cars for us, and maybe catch some of the others on Netflix…but scrolling through the library and seeing Toy Story 3, Up, and Inside Out…I wasn’t ready for that,” Chris said.

Finding Nemo caught him off guard the most.

“Twice. That’s how many times Marlin looked at Nemo’s lifeless body and thought his son was dead. After his wife and all of his unborn fish eggs were killed…Jesus. I haven’t watched the movie as a dad until yesterday,” Chris told us.

Chris says he likes Pixar moves a lot, and they are some of the best made movies out there…but mentally…he wasn’t prepared to see them all on a tv screen at the same time.

“I was thinking I’m about to have to explain death to my three-year-old at the beginning of Nemo. He asked me where ‘Nemo’s mommy went’ and I’m like…ummm…she went away, but loves her Nemo,” Chris said.

Chris says he will develop a thicker skin, but it might take a little time to get there.

“I love you 3,000. Yeah…it’s a deleted scene from Avengers: End Game that’s on Disney Plus…I’m done with this interview,” Chris said as he walked away.

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