Dad more excited for Disney + than his young son

VIGO COUNTY,Ind. (FTN) – If you ask 36-year-old Chris Essex what his favorite movie or tv show is right now, he admits it would likely be superhero related.

“It just depends on when you ask me. I guess I just love the entire Marvel universe. Not just the movies – but like, Agents of SHIELD,” Chris said before we cut him off.

He also told us he’s excited to watch Toy Story 4, Lion King, and Aladdin.

Disney + is the house of mouse attempting to take a great big streaming swing at Netflix.

Chris has a three-year-old son named Alex.

When we asked Chris what he thought his son would enjoy, he almost seemed confused.

“Who, Alex? Oh yeah. He will like Mickey or whatever,” Chris told us. “I might try and get into Star Wars.”

Chris told us he was looking at the launch day library – but admitted he kind of forgot about his three-year-old son.

“I guess there would be things Alex would like. I didn’t look – I’ll have to check if our again,” Chris said.

Chris and his wife Ami admit you being Disney nerds. They’ve each made several trips to Walt Disney World in Florida. Most recently about two years ago to let their son experience the parks.

“I guess I have to admit. I am super excited for most of it. Superhero stuff mostly – but the classic stuff. I will relive my childhood,” Chris said.

FTN will do a full review of Disney Plus by the end of the week.

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