Mom goes on daring 9:00 raid for forgotten cell phone

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – Parents say a mission to recover a forgotten cell phone in their three-year-old’s bedroom was successful.

The raid happened around 9:00 Sunday evening local time in the first of three bedrooms in a Terre Haute hallway.

Officials say Chris Essex forgot his phone in his three-year-old son, Alex’s, bedroom as he sang the young boy goodnight.

“I went back in to help him fall asleep. When I got down on the floor, I sat my phone next to his bed. When I left, I forgot to grab it. He was not wanting to go to sleep as it was,” Chris said.

Parents say they waited until Alex fell asleep, before Ami Essex started a covert operation.

She reportedly entered the bedroom just before 9:00 p.m. under a bright star nightlight lit night.

“I watched in high definition from Alex’s night vision live feed camera. He whimpered when he might have heard Ami. Or maybe it was a fuss. Not sure. He didn’t wake up,” Chris said.

Parents say Chris would not have been stealthy enough to perform the operation.

“I have a door handle method I use to stop any noise from happening. He might have heard me a little…but the mission was a success,” Ami told us.

Moving forward, Chris said he plans to avoid bringing his phone into the bedroom.

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