Real Talk: A review of Apple TV Plus – for your young kid

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Every once in a while, I break format. This is one of those times.

On Friday, Apple entered the streaming game – and because I bought the new iPhone in September, I was able to snag free for one year. You can too if you bought an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro – a new iPad…and maybe even one of the older iPhones. I’m not sure about that last one though.

Just go to the Apple TV app on your device and it will prompt you.

I guess I felt I needed to preface that with I am not really paying for it…unless you factor it into the $1,200 phone I bought.

How does Apple TV Plus do if you have a young child? The answer is…ehhhh.

That’s not really an answer, right? I know. So lets break it down. There are two shows made for younger kids, and a surprise show my three-year-old, Alex, totally loved.

Snoopy in Space

There are 12 episodes of this show, and they weigh in at only about eight minutes each. Alex has already watched, I think four of these, and he actually kind of liked them. If you loved Charlie Brown growing up – these will be a lot of fun for you.

The premise is Snoopy wants to work for NASA as an astronaut. So – I’m pretty sure NASA helped fund this show. I am a space nerd, so I am kind of okay with that…but it kind of came off as a NASA infomercial too. You can learn about all of the things you can do if you visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston. The NASA logo is on like…everything.

With that said, it is very very educational. I loved the way they would break down how things work. Gravity, astronaut training, our place in the universe…to name a few.

Alex really liked it. He loved the characters and the space aspect of it. He’s never watched anything Charlie Brown before, so I didn’t know how he would react.


So, my iPad wouldn’t let me type that word. It kept autocorrecting to ‘Helpsgters.’ I don’t even know what that means, and I am not looking it up. I’m sorry if it is offensive.

There are six episodes of this one. They are about 24 minutes each. Think Sesame Street without Big Bird. It is made by the same group that makes Sesame Street, without any of the characters. They are all licensed out.

I’m going to be real honest – Alex was not into this show. We got about five minutes into it before he lost interest. To be fair, he doesn’t like watching Sesame Street either. I didn’t have high hopes for him liking this one.

From what I saw it could be pretty good. But I’m not sure.

The Elephant Queen

And now for the sleeper. A documentary called The Elephant Queen. It is journey of a mom elephant leading her babies across a section of Africa. It is beautifully shot. Truly beautiful.

It is narrated, wonderfully, by Chiwetel Ejiofor. He was Scar in the new Lion King movie and Mordo in Doctor Strange.

Did I say this documentary was beautifully shot? I can’t stress this enough. Alex loved watch the baby elephants. The frog riding the turtle. The moon. He loves the moon.


Apple TV Plus could be great someday. Apple, right now, is focusing on quality over quantity…which has always kind of been their thing. When it comes to paying monthly for tv though, $5 a month, that doesn’t always work. In about a week you will have Disney Plus, you already have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, blah blah blah. Is it worth the five bucks? Nope…not yet. If you get it for free, you will likely find something your child will like…but they will probably like something on Netflix just as much 

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