Slobber and snot: dad refuses to deny gross three-year-old pre-work kiss

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County dad says he refused to deny his sick son a kiss before he left for work on Friday.

Three-year-old Alex Essex has spent the last few days not feeling very well parents say.

“Snotty. So. Much. Snot. If he sneezes it is slung across his face,” Chris, Alex’s dad said.

Chris said he’s done a pretty decent job avoiding the cold his wife Ami, and their son Alex have been fighting.

“So everyday before I go to work – I give him a big hug and kiss. He makes sure I don’t forget. I wouldn’t but it’s sweet that he reminds me,” Chris told us.

On Friday, Chris said he gave Alex a kiss on the top of his head and gave him the big hug.

“He demanded a kiss kiss. I’m not going to say no. But there was so much snot in that kiss. Drool and snot. It was gross. But I can’t and don’t want to say no” Chris said.

Chris told us he’s feeling a sore throat start to take over.

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