‘It’s because we spoil him…’After countless requests, parents finally stop at Lowe’s

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County three-year-old finally had his dream come true as his parents stopped at a popular home improvement store.

It happened Saturday evening at Lowe’s.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex say three-year-old, Alex always asks to go inside the store when the family drives by.

“He’s been in a big ‘what’s that building, what do they sell?’ Phase right now. So we told him Lowe’s and that they sell building supplies. So now, every time we drive by it’s ‘I wanna look at building supplies!’ Ami laughed.

Ami said on Saturday, they had about 30 minutes to blow before their grocery store pick-up was ready, so Chris decided to surprise both of them.

“Neither one of them knew where I was going. We just went out to eat and we needed to do something, because I wasn’t going all the way back home,” Chris told us.

Chris said when they pulled into the store’s parking lot, Alex became so excited.

“Mommy, daddy, Alex, and daddy going to Lowe’s. Alex…I’m going to look at building supplies,” Alex yelled in the parking lot.

When the family walked in, Alex could not stop running and looking at everything.

“He went from Halloween decorations, to skimming the Christmas decorations, to yard statues, to every single sink and bathtub, paint, carpet, lumber, a forklift, lighting, back to Christmas stuff…we looked at literally every department in the store in like 20 minutes. He was so excited,” Chris said.

Parents say he didn’t want to slow down.

“We got to the Christmas stuff, and that’s where it got kind of funny. He loves to look at Christmas trees…but he won’t touch them. He is literally afraid to touch them. He came within six inches of one…a big day,” Ami said.

Parents say they will likely continue to go to Menards when they need home items, but stopping at Lowe’s was for something they’ve been wanting to let Alex do.

“It’s because we spoil him,” Chris laughed.

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