‘A sad little boy’ Child bends the truth at fast food drive in

PARIS, Ill. (FTN) – Parents have accused their three-year-old of bending the truth while going through a McDonald’s drive-through.

It happened earlier this week.

Chris and Ami Essex say they stopped to get their son, Alex, a kids meal.

“Before we stopped at McDonald’s, we went to a dollar store…where Alex scored a couple of Halloween balloons. So he had them with him in the back seat,” Chris said. “This part plays a big part of the story.”

Chris told us he ordered the food for Alex, when the restaurant worker had one more question.

“Is the happy meal for a boy or a girl…they asked that for the toy,” Chris said.

Alex’s response had everyone in tears with laughter.

“I’m a sad little boy,” Alex responded in his saddest voice.

Soon after Alex said that, Ami snapped a photo.

“If that is what sad looks like…I want to be sad more often, big cheesy smile. Two balloons floating back there,” Ami laughed.

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