Three-year-old demands dad take a picture of his butt…so he can see his Thomas the train underwear

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad says he felt a little weird as he snapped a photo of his son’s underwear clad butt…so the child could see the character.

Chris Essex says he put Thomas the train underwear on his three-year-old son Alex earlier this week.

“So I put Thomas underwear on him…and there was a bit Thomas face on his butt. I mentioned to Alex he was there…and he had to see,” Chris said.

Alex’s demands started coming in.

“See Alex’s Thomas butt on daddy’s phone. See a picture on daddy’s phone,” Alex started demanding.

That is when Chris said he snapped the photo.

“And I feel super creepy. Like…taking a picture of a young child in his underwear…yeah. Creepy,” Chris admitted.

He said he deleted the photo pretty quickly after showing it to Alex.

“Alex really didn’t seem to care too much when I showed him. He was excited for a second, but moved on pretty quickly” Chris told us.

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