‘I want a blanket…’ three-year-old tried to sleep on display bed during Kohl’s trip

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute three-year-old tried to catch a few zzz’s while making a trip to a Vigo County store.

It happened at Kohl’s on the city’s south side.

Parents say three-year-old Alex Essex asked to be lifted into a bed, and then wanted a blanket.

“He really wanted to lay on the beds. He tried out a couple. As soon as he got on the first one, he was like…get a blanket. He wanted to cover up,” Alex’s dad Chris said.

Chris went onto say at one point, after his son got comfortable in a bed, he was told to leave.

“He wanted me gone. And I truly think it was so he could lay there in peace and quiet. He closed his eyes with his foot on his knee. He was content,” Chris said.

Alex told us he was just being comfortable.

“I was just being comfortable. I was sleeping at Kohl’s,” Alex told us.

Parents say they will never turn down a request for Alex to lay in a bed quietly….whether its at Kohl’s or at home.

“Take those moments when you can get them…you never know when they will come around again,” Chris said.

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