As candy piles up, three-year-old gets bored with parade

PARIS, Ill. (FTN) – A Saturday afternoon parade went from front and center to the back burner after parents say the candy started to pile up.

It happened during the annual Honeybee Festival in Paris, Illinois.

Three-year-old Alex Essex’s family took him to the parade, that lasted nearly an hour.

“He was all fire trucks and marching bands at first, but about midway through, he lost interest in the show as he started to pick up a small mountain of candy,” Alex’s mom, Ami said.

Parents said they were hoping he would pick up at least some candy, but say being near a really nice family helped the pile grow.

“So, in this past, he was little…and you don’t want to be the adult out there fighting kids for a Tootsie Roll or a pack of three Dots,” Chris said.

About midway through the parade, Alex lost focus on the parade, at one point, turning his back to the street, so he could dig through his candy.

“He was done. He put in the work, he was ready for the reward,” Chris said. “But the best candy, oddly came during the second half of the parade.”

They say this year, he went for the candy, but the family next to them had a little girl just a little younger than Alex, so the two groups were working together to make sure both kids picked up a lot of candy.

“You know, it’s nice when you go to a parade to be next to a nice group…and not a bunch of eight-year-olds who will push a toddler out of the way a to grab more candy,” Ami told us.

Alex pickled up an entire orange trick-or-treat style orange pumpkin full of candy during Saturday’s parade.

Sources say Ami has been secretly trying ‘confiscate’ Twizzlers and Gummy Life Savers.

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