Parents shocked when toddler dips apples in barbecue sauce

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of Terre Haute parents said they were shocked when their three-year-old son dipped his apple slices in barbecue sauce.

It happened on Sunday at McDonald’s on Terre Haute’s south side.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex told FTN they stopped to get their son, Alex, a happy meal after he spent some time at a local splash pad.

“He had the six piece, fries, and apple slices. It came with barbecue sauce,” Ami said.

Parents thought it was a funny accident the first time Alex dipped the Apple…but when he did it several more times, they said they were shocked.

“He loved it. I mean…what? How could he like that?” Chris laughed.

Alex has reportedly always liked dipping stuff in other stuff.

“Grapes in ketchup…nuggets in yogurt” Chris said.

Parents say they kept their judgement of the three-year-old to themselves, letting him eat in peace…but they did snap some photos.

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