Dad delivers ultimate empty threat to his three-year-old

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – Be good, or I’ll tell your mamaw to not come and pick you up.

That was the threat Chris Essex said he handed over to his three-year-old son Alex on Saturday as he was acting up.

Alex was set to spend the night at his grandmother’s house on Saturday.

“That may have been my emptiest threat yet…there’s no way I would have told her to not come get him,” Chris said.

Alex was allegedly trying to throw toys in the sink as Chris was doing dishes.

He told us just how empty that threat was.

“The threat should have been more like ‘Be good or I’m going to punish you with me not being able to play video games, watch a movie, and sleep in,'” Chris said laughing.

A new study shows most threats from parents are actually empty.

According to the report, sending a picky kid to bed hungry because they didn’t want to eat their dinner just makes for a longer…fussy night.

Threatening to turn the car around is also often an empty threat.

“You already went through the work of getting them ready…plus, where you are going you likely want to go too,” Ami Essex, an empty threat expert told us.

Chris says he will continue to act like his threats will mean something…until they don’t.

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