‘What’s inside ____’s nipple.’ Dad confused and amused by late night conversation with 3-year-old

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – An early morning attempt at a play session left a Vigo County dad laughing…but confused.

Around 1:30 Thursday morning, Chris Essex said he heard his three-year-old son Alex in his bedroom talking to himself through and old iPad he uses as a baby monitor.

“I had just wrapped up a nearly 11 hour work day…I was laying in bed playing solitaire listening to an audio book…and he was just jabbering to himself…around 2:00, I decided to check on him,” Chris said.

Chris said he made sure Alex didn’t pee the bed, and sat on the floor to have a conversation with his son.

“So he started asking me what is in everyone’s nipples…mine, his friend’s, his grandma’s, the dog’s, a stuffed Lightning McQueen toy…he wanted to know about all of them,” Chris told us, laughing.

He said it was weird at first…but he started to laugh as Alex worked his way down the list of everyone he knew.

“Skin. The answer was skin for all of them. Except Lightning. He has fluff in his nipples…because he is stuffed,” Chris said.

When he finally got the three-year-old to go back to sleep, Chris said he struggled with a toddler proof door handle that he had not had to use yet.

“You know how it is, you have to make that smooth – quick exit. I tried…and failed. It took an extra couple of seconds…and those seconds are make or break when it comes to an attempt at to get a kid to go to sleep,” Chris told us.

He said once he made his exit, Alex made it back to sleep.

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