‘What happened to Jack?’ Misunderstanding leads local dad to think something happened to cat

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County three-year-old is accused of giving his dad a scare.

It happened on Sunday.

Chris Essex told FTN it started when his son Alex asked ‘What happened to Jack?’

“We have an older cat named Jack. When Alex came in concerned asking what happened to Jack…I was kind of scared. I honestly expected to see our cat laying on the floor dead or something,” Chris said.

Alex was pointing to an area under his alphabet table, that appeared to be empty to Chris.

“I looked for Jack, and there was nothing…just a small toy bulldozer. That bulldozer’s name…it’s Jack. Jack the bulldozer was tipped over,” Chris laughed.

The bulldozer is from the children’s show, Thomas the Tank Engine.

Chris told us Jack the cat was safe and sleeping on top of the fridge.

“It was just, it was very unsettling, Jack the cat is like 12 or 13…I would have to ask my wife. He’s an old man…so it’s always a fear,” Chris told us.

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