Three-year-old suffers worst boo-boo to date as he wears his first legitimate bandaid

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County three-year-old suffered his first legitimate injury.

It happened on Wednesday when Ami Essex took her son, Alex, to Deming Park in Terre Haute.

The injury resulted in scrapes on Alex’s arm.

“He was running on the railroad tracks, the park has these tracks for a small train for kids, and it wasn’t running. So I let him pretend he was a train, he loves doing that,” Ami said,

That’s when said the three-year-old tripped and fell, landing on his forearm and hand.

“He bled. I think that is the first time he has really had blood,” Ami said.

She said once he went he became frustrated and threw a rock, but was over it fairly quickly.

“He was back up within about 20 seconds. I’m just glad he couldn’t see the back of his elbow area. It was bleeding,” Ami said.

She did a quick clean up at the park, before she could take him home and properly care for the ‘boo boo.’

“So Chris and I were tag teaming it. I think we did a great job of keeping him calm, and letting him know what we were doing was helping him. I cleaned it and put a bandaid on his arm, while Chris talked to him about what was happening,” Ami told us.

Chris said he could see it kind of sinking in what they were doing.

“He was looking at me talk, it was sinking in we were taking care of him. When we started, he was a little fussy…but then he didn’t fuss, he didn’t talk…he just looked at me as I talked. It’s not fun to see your kid get hurt, but it’s awesome to see him be so brave,” Chris said.

The bandaid came off about 20 minutes later while Alex was playing.

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