Parents already start planning for three-year-old’s first birthday

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – Two Terre Haute parents say they they have already started planning for their three-year-old son’s first birthday party.

Alex Essex acts just like any other pre-school aged child. He tries to ride the dog, poops in his car seat, and wants to watch the same show on repeat.

Despite having already had three birthday parties, his parents, Chris and Ami, say they have started planning for his first birthday.

“When he was 1/4 we had a Toy Story party, 1/2 it was an ABC party, and then when he turned 3/4 it was Pixar’s Cars,” Ami said.

Alex is a Leap Day baby, meaning he was born on February 29. That birthday comes once every four years. His dad says that’s one of his favorite unique things about Alex.

“He waited until just after midnight to be born on the 29th in 2016. I think it is so cool,” Chris said.

They admit they are still months away, but they have already started discussing themes.

“This year, if everything stays the same, we are looking at Thomas and Friends. He loves Thomas,” Ami said. “We are still in the very early stages.”

FTN will stay on top of birthday developments and bring you the latest details as parents continue to do planning.

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