Dead battery problems? Dad set fight ‘big battery’ as prices go up – demands rechargeable only

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) — A local dad says he is suspicious of the disposable big battery’s corruption and reach.

Chris Essex is the father of three-year-old Alex.

He says he is always forced to buy, find, and swap out batteries in his son’s toys.

“Look, I’ m not saying it is a conspiracy…well, actually, yes I am. Rechargeable batteries are popular…and there’s no reason every single one of my child’s toys should not be rechargeable,” Chris said.

Chris says he has had to see the disappointment in Alex’s face several times when he didn’t have the right batteries for a toy.

“It happened with one of his Thomas toys the other day. I had to find the small screwdriver. I dug up two AA batteries….and the train took AAA. AAA! I just…there’s room in the thing for AA. Making it AAA is so stupid,” Chris told us.

A new study suggests 100 percent of parents have had to deal with dead battery problems.

Experts say the worst time of the year for most families can be the holidays.

The study says over 17 million parents spent part of Christmas in 2018 buying over priced batteries from a gas station, because one of their child’s new toys didn’t include the proper batteries.

“Something needs to change. We have parents that can’t run out and buy batteries right away. With battery prices getting higher and higher it is out of control. Our PAC would like to see rechargeable batteries be required in every children’s toy by 2025,” Chris said.

He says big battery has been lobbying toy makers since the 1960’s to include only disposable battery options in their toys.

“At the end of the day, I would like to see stupid watch batteries gone. C and D batteries GONE. 9 Volts? Toss toy makers in jail if they have ever even used those at all,” Chris went on to say.

For now, he says he will continue to stock a supply of random batteries in case of emergencies.

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