A second life? Toddler saves baby toy set for donation

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A three year-old Indiana boy has latched into a baby toy that was previously set for donation.

That’s according to parents Chris and Ami Essex.

Parents say it happened earlier in the week as Ami loaded some of Alex’s old toys in her car for donation.

“We are working on a bit of a purge. He still has quite a few baby toys,” Ami said.

According to Ami, the first trip to make the donation included two boxes. One of those boxes had to sit in the back seat with Alex.

“He found the Fisher Price airplane at the top. It teaches as animals and colors. He hasn’t touched it in over a year,” Ami told us. “He demanded it. It was not worth the fight.”

Both parents say he had been obsessed with it since he got his hands back on the toy.

“He wants to take it everywhere. Playground. Playroom. Right now our life is LEGOs, Thomas, and that singing airplane,” Chris said. “He pushed it down the slide like it was a friend.”

Ami said they will keep the airplane around until he loses interest, saying she doesn’t see any harm in him playing with it.

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