Local dad says his wife thinks she’s the boss, he says the three-year-old is actually in charge

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad says his wife thinks she is the one in charge when it comes to their three-year-old.

Chris Essex said it is something he has noticed for a while, but he’s been afraid to bring it up with his wife Ami.

“Oh no no. This isn’t a male dominance thing. She is for sure higher in the in-charge pecking order than I am. This has to do with Alex leading the show,” Chris said.

Alex’s is the family’s three-year-old.

Chris said the thought of parents actually being in charge is actually an illusion.

“Look, I know what you’re thinking. Parents should command over their children or whatever…I mean, yes. You need to have the look of being in charge. You need to make your child think you are in charge. You aren’t,” Chris told us.

Chris said Alex, and most other young children run the show, whether the kid knows it or not.

“Want to watch a movie after your kid goes to bed? If your kid decides he doesn’t want to sleep…guess what, that R rated movie isn’t happening. Want to go out to dinner? Not if the place isn’t kid friendly or if your child decides to have a random meltdown because the food isn’t quick enough,” Chris said.

He told us his wife Ami is still under the illusion she is calling the shots.

“She actually said, in regards to Alex, I’m in charge… meaning her. I just don’t have the heart to tell her differently. I am glad, however, she holds on to the idea she is in charge. It’s good for that self confidence and projecting dominance,” Chris told us.

He asked that we do not reach out to Ami for comment.

10 thoughts on “Local dad says his wife thinks she’s the boss, he says the three-year-old is actually in charge

      1. I know how that feels! Though the more time you spend and the more you edit (the bane of existence for any writer! I really hate editing and always miss something) the better everything comes out. I like your genre. Not many write news article satire lol.

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      2. Haha. I write news in real life…and usually it’s really depressing stuff. This is my chance to have fun with what I’ve learned in my professional career. I’ve joked about making the boring ribbon cutting and council meetings stories dramatic. It was kind of born from that.

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      3. That’s very cool!! I’d love for you to enter my challenge and write a news article. If you have time, which you might not because you seem to be very busy!! Lol thanks for your expertise in positivity. And tell mom that she is still in charge, for me. 🙂

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  1. Oh, I’m sorry. The challenge is called A Challenge to Flower Talk but there are no rules for genre. I just think your genre would be an interesting submission (and the little guy might like it). One pic, two words in a dif language, a link to me and a comment, and that’s it. It’s really just for fun and to meet new people (so pardon the official sounding language lol) but I will re-blog ya if ya win 🙂 I might ask a guest-post from you later on, too. If you think you’d like to.

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      1. Seriously, I think it could be. I didn’t know anything about flowers once either lol but one pot planted was all it took.

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