‘He was full on snot dripping out of his nose crying…’ Three-year-old has meltdown after dog accused of eating his ice cube

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County three-year-old had an epic meltdown on Monday morning when he said the dog ate his ice cube.

Parents say Alex Essex’s dad, Chris, gave the child an ice cube to play with while making a drink.

“He likes ice cubes…plus it is kind of a fun sensory toy…that won’t leave any stains…I’m looking at you slime,” Chris said.

Alex reportedly took the ice cube to the dining room table, where it immediately fell to the floor.

“When we eat, our dog Anya is right there ready to catch the scraps of a messy three-year-old,” Chris told us. “When Alex dropped his ice cube…Anya went right for it.”

Parents say Alex accused Anya of eating the ice cube right away, getting very upset in the process.

“He was full on snot dripping out of his nose crying. Like his favorite toy was just smashed,” Chris told us.

Chris said he had to point out the ice cube was still there, and it had in fact not been eaten.

“Over the course of two minutes, you can check the photo time stamps, he went from so upset he couldn’t talk…to really excited and jumping up and down, pushing the cube across the table making train tracks with the melting ice trail,” according to Chris.

Alex reportedly played with the ice cube until it melted.

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