Three-year-old finds Die Hard Christmas book, wants it read to him

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Parents in Vigo County say their three-year-old son found a Christmas book based on a popular adult R rated movie…and wanted them to read it to him.

It happened on Saturday morning.

Three-year-old Alex Essex got his hands on an animated Die Hard Christmas book when he went into Chris and Ami Essex’s bedroom.

They keep the book on a book shelf in their bedroom with a Lego Ghostbusters car and other things that looks like they should be for kids, but aren’t.

“He came out of our bedroom asking what it says…which is his way of asking you to read it to him. I don’t think I’ve ever said no when it comes to reading a book….but there’s a first time for everything,” Ami said.

Parents admit the book looks like it should be for children, but it follows the not so kid friendly theme of the popular Christmas movie.

“He has good taste at least,” Chris say. “I was considering reading it to him, until I thumbed through it and was like…nope.”

Parents say they were able to pull a distraction move on Alex, and find a different book to read to him.

They received the book from a friend for Christmas last year.

“When he’s a little bit older…but right now it is Yippe Ki NO,” Chris laughed, a little too proud of himself for the bad dad joke.

The book might make it’s way into a family tradition the parents say, but that is still years down the road.

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